Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Where are we now? The church is growing at an alarming presence online. The development of church websites that are not only posed as bulletin board for sunday announcements allows church members to be not only interactive but also be present. Yes, Present if church is more than a sunday morning experience we must continue to engage within our church environment throughout the week. To work towards the edification of the saints and upbuilding of the kingdom of God.

If as saints we cannot allow our range of motion to be expanded beyond the four walls of our traditional landscapes we will remain behind in an everchanging world. The world where facebook meets bible study, interactive church websites meet testimony services, and where twitter resounds as a way to reach the lost.

How do we get there?
We must allow oursevles to develop a desire to know and have understanding of what is avalable to us as desciples of Christ... Are you willing to come along?

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